President & CEO: Makoto Motoyoshi, Ph.D.


Dr.Motoyoshi is the semiconductor expert with more than 25 years of experiences at technology and business in Memory device and 3D Stacking LSI. He is former President & CEO of ZyCube, Inc., the leading 3D Stacking LSI for CMOS image sensor in Japan. He has presented seminars, lectures and invited presentations at domestic and international societies associated with 3D Stacking LSI over 40 times.

1982: Master of Electronic Engineering,
           Tohoku University, Japan

1982: Hitachi Ltd., Musashi Works
1989: Kawasaki Steel Corp, LSI Research Center
1992: Sony Corp, LSI div.
2005: ZyCube, Inc., Director of Engineering
2006: ZyCube, Inc., Executive vice president
2008: ZyCube, Inc., President & CEO


Advisory CTO: Mitsumasa Koyanagi, Ph.D., Prof.

Professor. Koyanagi in Tohoku University is a well-known IEEE fellow as a pioneer of 3D Stacking LSI technology. He has been researching and developing 3D Stacking process at Hitachi, Ltd, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, Hiroshima University and Tohoku University over 35 years. He is called "MR.DRAM" from his enormous invention of Stacked capacitor DRAM technology.

1974: Doctor of Electronic Engineering,
           Tohoku University, Japan
1974: Hitachi, Ltd., Research Center
           Researched DRAM process/device technology.
           Invented Stacked Capacitor DRAM
1985: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
           Researched sub-micron device, TFT,
           and digital/analog design
1988: Professor of Integrated System Research Center,
           Hiroshima University
1994: Professor of Intelligent Machine Engineering,
           Tohoku University
1995: Professor of Intelligent Machine Engineering,
           Graduate School of Tohoku University Chairman
           of Venture Lab,
Tohoku University
2010: Professor of New Industry Creation Hatchery Center,
           Tohoku University

SSDM Award (1992)
IEEE Cledo Bruneti Award (1996)
Minister of Sciense and Technology Agency Award (2002), etc

Physics of VLSI Device (Maruzen)
Sub-micron Technology I, II (Maruzen), etc  




T-Micro is the unique and advanced 3D/2.5D IC process and MEMS process-oriented company, originated in Tohoku University.
As an exclusive technical representative of GINTI "Global Integration Initiative" facility, we provide worldwide customers with 3D/ 2.5D/ MEMS full foundry service as well as partial process service by use of a complete line of state-of-the-art 200 and 300mm equipment in a cost-effective and short-TAT way for R/D, prototype, and small volume production.


  1. 数㎜角のチップから12インチウェハレベルの加工が可能で、お客様の3D-ICやMEMSのプロトタイプ試作、部分試作サポート、材料・装置評価用サンプル試作、少量生産をサポートします。
  2. 半導体微細加工技術及びMEMS製造技術をベースにバイオエレクトロニックデバイスの試作をサポートします。