Process Facilities

We have 2 process facilities at Tohoku area, 300km north of Tokyo, in Japan for 3D/2.5D/MEMS foundry service.
1) Process for 12"/8" wafer: "GINTI" (facility name)
2) Process for 8"/6"/2" wafer: "Tohoku Univ facility"


1) 12"& 8"Wafer process facility "GINTI"
GINTI is the leading-edge 3D/2.5D/MEMS process facility started by Tohoku University to provide fabrication services to worldwide clients that are interested in developing new 2.5/3D design and integration technologies using micro TSV (Through Silicon Via) and micro bump. 

Using the base technology originally developed at Tohoku University in Japan GINTI offers a broad range of 2.5/3D foundry services including:
i) Prototype processing by GINTI’s proprietary 3D stacking methodology “Chip-to-Wafer” using commercial/customized 2D chips,
ii) Full 200/300 mm wafer level processing,
iii) Prototype and Low volume production, and
ix) Creation of a 2.5/3D IC workflow and process methodology. 

GINTI's cost-competitive process development infrastructure, using a complete line of state-of-the-art equipment, provides clients with a cost-effective and short-term TAT prototyping service for “proof of concept” projects, and a base-line process set-up service for 2.5/3D IC pilot production.

Tohoku Microtec (T-micro) is a strategic partner of GINTI and GINTI's exclusive representative of 2.5/3D IC process service business in the world-wide. T-micro's process engineers are operating and maintaining a complete line of the most advanced 200/300 mm equipment in GINTI facility. Further, T-micro's design engieers always consult 2.5/3D design methodology for GINTI's clients.

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2) Tohoku univ. process facility for 2"/6"/8" wafer

Chip-to-Chip (CtC) process needs flexible prcoess flow which includes more complicated steps and sometimes needs a small Si support wafer and handling tools. This facility has a long history of advanced and challenging process step developments for many research projects. These days MEMS development projects are going up. This facility presents great performance for their 6" wafers in terms of processing costs, TAT, and process quality.




T-Micro is the unique and advanced 3D/2.5D IC process and MEMS process-oriented company, originated in Tohoku University.
As an exclusive technical representative of GINTI "Global Integration Initiative" facility, we provide worldwide customers with 3D/ 2.5D/ MEMS full foundry service as well as partial process service by use of a complete line of state-of-the-art 200 and 300mm equipment in a cost-effective and short-TAT way for R/D, prototype, and small volume production.


  1. 数㎜角のチップから12インチウェハレベルの加工が可能で、お客様の3D-ICやMEMSのプロトタイプ試作、部分試作サポート、材料・装置評価用サンプル試作、少量生産をサポートします。
  2. 半導体微細加工技術及びMEMS製造技術をベースにバイオエレクトロニックデバイスの試作をサポートします。